I am Min Suk Chung, a Korean anatomist creating comic strips, Dr. Anatophil. A scientific article (Anatomy comic strips. Anat Sci Educ 4: 275-279, 2011) was published to introduce why and how to create these comic strips. I appreciate Prof. Wojciech Pawlina, the editor-in-chief of the journal, Anatomical Sciences Education, who encouraged me to produce the comics in English and to submit the manuscript.


The extraordinary anatomy book (Goldberg S, Ouellette H: Clinical anatomy made ridiculously simple, 4th ed. MedMaster, Inc., 2011) inspired me to generate the comic strips. Some stories of their book were reproduced and adapted in my productions. I suggest the readers of my comics to continue enjoying the anatomy tales in the preceding book.

My diligent colleagues, Dr. Dong Sun Shin and Mr. Hae Gwon Jang have undertaken the fastidious graphic job of the comic strips. So has Prof. Jin Seo Park in Department of Anatomy, Dongguk University College of Medicine, South Korea. It was Dae Hyun Kim who greatly contributed to the translation of original Korean version into English.

Many thanks to the material providers for the comic strips, some of them are my students in Ajou University School of Medicine.

The manufacture of comic strips is supported by the Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Creativity (KOFAC).

Born in 1961, I am going to increase the comic strips continuously in the rest of life. Keep paying attention to my work. Many thanks.

Min Suk Chung (PhD, MD)

Department of Anatomy, Ajou University School of Medicine, 164 Worldcup-ro, Suwon, South Korea / 443-380


(Min Suk Chung is drawing comic strips on paper prior to computer job on Adobe Illustrator. Otherwise he is asleep.)



Copyleft policy


It is expected that the comic strips promote anatomy comprehension of students specializing in medicine, nursery, public health and so on. As well, the comics hopefully provide the curious readers with a better sense of the real anatomy discipline occurring in medical school. I want to distribute the anatomy comic strips as widely in the world as possible without consideration of the fortune making. So I announce the following copyleft policy.

1. The comic strips are approachable on the homepage ( without charge or registration required.

2. The client is allowed even to capture the comic strips in this site. She/he is able to load the comics into ones own homepage, smart phone application, printed matter, or exhibition, no matter whether the products are non-commercial (e.g., PowerPoint file for anatomy lecture) or commercial (e.g., anatomy textbook).

3. In the products, it is courteously requested to inscribe the comics source that is MS Chung ( The information will give others more exposure to supplementary comics.

4. I would be delighted to receive the end products by e-mail ( In the case of commercial utilization, it stands to sense that the creations are delivered to me by post or in alternative way. I will never ask to share their profits.

5. Same policy exists for other science comic strips (Dr. Scifun) on the identical homepage.


Min Suk Chung





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