When you meet an opposite-sex friend, beating heart means you are still young and shaking legs mean you are getting older. Beating heart means that it is a good time. Therefore, young scientists should meet opposite-sex friends and have presentations in the conference. They should enjoy beating heart.





Let’s say that human body is a cube (edge length: r). Volume is r3, surface area is 6r2, thermal efficiency is r3/6r2 (1/6r). The thermal efficiency is higher when the human body is a ball shape than when the human body is a cube. In other words, the thermal efficiency is higher when human body is a ball shape not like an angled cube. However, heating system is very advanced these days, so you don’t need to overeat to have a ball shape.





I would like to arrange the research process chronically, make a title, do a pre-experiment, do an experiment, and then write an article. In my experience, let’s say that all the process is 10. Making a title is 3, doing a pre-experiment is 3, do an experiment is 1, and writing an article is 3. Of course, a pre-experiment is more difficult than an experiment.





I show the Chinese map when I travel in China to ask the direction. I don’t know Chinese, and most of the Chinese can’t speak English. Dumb Chinese answers in Chinese, and smart Chinese answers in a body language. A universal language is a body language not English.





Among the celebrities, comedians get the most objective assessment. Singers and actors can be famous even though they don’t have enough talent if someone helps. However, comedians can’t be famous if they can’t make laugh others even though someone helps. There are demerits and merits in this objective assessment. The merit isn’t getting underestimated, and the demerit isn’t getting overestimated.





I admit that SNS like Facebook and Twitter are good time-consuming service. However, they are not good for working in the office. I prefer to write an article or draw comic when others play with SNS. Sometimes, anti-social is good.





Unlike me, there are scientists who can memorize names very well. They remind the names that related to the names. When they meet the person again, they call his full name, and also they don’t afraid of calling them wrong. What a respectful scientist! They wouldn’t get dementia. Also, they are suitable for assigning for authority.





Livestock is a slave of human. Livestock helps farming and keeping houses, and they eat anything and offer their meat after death. Even though pets don’t work, they are well treated. I can say people are slaves of pets. People enjoy enslaving or being enslaved.





Sometimes, people insult someone who is present and say that is an advice or they are honest. In that case, there can be a problem later. Moreover, there must be a problem if they insult someone’s family. However, there is no problem when people insult an absentee. It is safe to insult an absentee.





You have to turn on the taillight first if you want to turn on the headlight. That is, you have to show your car if you want to see other’s. Similarly, you have to tell your story and thought first if you want to hear other’s.





All high-school has its bookstore in it, and people are more important than equipments and reagents in all experiment. It is a cliché and you can say it is a fraud or diplomacy. I told foreigners that your country has honorable history, love peace, have smart people, and have beautiful women. All country is the same, and it is fraud and diplomacy.





I shave my head before weddings and conferences. Shaved head means tidy hair to me. Others don’t know, but there is tidy hair and untidy hair for shaved head. There are neat and messy uniforms for soldiers, and there are decent clothing and indecent clothing for old ladies.





Many scientists work in order. They write abstracts for conferences first, then make slides for conferences, then memorize manuscripts for conferences, then write the articles for journals. You start easy things first, then you would suffer every step. If you write articles first, rest of steps is a piece of cake.





One of my alumni gets very rich. When he invites me for dinner, I say this. I knew that you would get rich when we were young. It means that it is evitable not an accident. Isn’t it necessary to flatter when you are invited to dinner?





Diligent scientists can apply for the grant after finishing experiences. As the first column of comics, they can write proposals and articles together. Proposals can be written in future tenses and removed results, and articles can be written in past tenses and included results. Diligent scientists can save the time and effort.





Writing an article first and doing an experiment later is the good way. When articles are written first, you can research references better, make hypotheses better, and make experiment plans better. Moreover, you can reduce mistakes and catch important result when you do experiments. If there is a different result, you can correct the thesis little.





Men and women are different when watching TV. Men prefer the fact-related (like news, documentary, sports), and women prefer the theory-related (soap opera). According to cartoons, men enjoy chaos without theory, and women enjoy fantasy without fact.





When I travel, I transfer to save money. However, I didn’t know the exact meaning of transit, transfer and stopover. I thought transit and transfer are the same. I will show you differences between transit and transfer. Transit means that nobody moves baggage, and transfer means that baggage is moved by the airport automatically, and stopover means that I move baggage by myself.





Sometimes colleagues in the laboratory have a quarrel. It is proper to quarrel. The important thing is the way of quarrel. The worst way is that you get damage and your colleague gets damage, too. The worse way is that you get benefit and your colleague gets damage. The best way is that you get great benefit and your colleague gets less benefit.





Ask a movie director like this. How many people have seen your movies? The director cannot hide the inability. Similarly, ask a scientist. How many papers of the science citation index journals did you publish as the first or corresponding author? He/She cannot hide the incompetence. It is a scary world.





Why are fairy tales loved over the generations? There is a very important logic. In other words, the story goes well from the beginning to the end. Stories should be logical, easy and fun, so it would be loved. Lectures are the same.





I understand that hard-working scientists are called as doctors or professors. However, I think it is also good to call them as teachers. Good to call and good to listen. Moreover, it is good to have dirty jokes on the mountain.





I have reviewed articles that the authors got Nobel Prize. There is one thing in common. It is easy to read. It got a good evaluation because it is easy, and got Nobel Prize. People think that easy articles are substandard, but it is not. A lot of knowledge makes easy articles.





If somebody holds me to watch his presentation, it irritates me. It is his only presentation, but it is one of the many presentations for me. I have lots of presentations to watch. Also, I have to chitchat with people in the conferences, and make appointments, and have plans to goof off. Please don’t hold me back. I am a busy person.





Pure mathematics needs paper and a pencil. However, applied mathematics needs an experiment. Especially, a computer is very important experiment equipment for the applied mathematics. Applied mathematician should be well equipped.





Compliments make whales dance. Do getting compliments make people lazy? Theoretically, people can be lazy, but they don’t. Therefore, it is proper to make compliment. Especially, novice scientists should get compliments a lot, and they have to get pride.





Science museums are the place to show foreigners how Koreans are smart and how Korea is a strong country. For that, we have to make science museums more fun and interesting. Also, we have to show English explanations(at least titles) for the exhibitions. We should expand the budget and members of the museums.





Korean Science Museum exhibits these cartoons that were translated in English. Cartoons are a good media to influence audiences including children and foreigners. Therefore, I am trying to exhibit cartoons to other domestic and international science museums.





Thomson Reuters makes the words SCI and SCIE. However, it is not clear that they abbreviate SCIENCE or not. Spelling comes from it or not accidentally or inevitably, and cartoons are good materials. I don’t miss it and draw cartoons like animals that don’t miss prey.





Let’s say that you have a pool in the house. You don’t swim daily, because you spend the same money whether you use the pool or not. However, you have to swim hard when you use outside swimming pools, because you paid for the day or the month. People think about getting their money worth.





The fast way to learn a language for babies is that they don’t afraid for the mistakes. They are not afraid of their wrong pronunciations, bad grammar, and illogical speaking. It is the same when we learn other languages. Within the range of courtesy, you have to be bold in speaking in foreign languages.





Is 12 Am a day or a night? For the clear word, there are midnight and midday. I use day 12 and night 12 like cartoons.





Excellent hitters can put out. However, they are not disappointed, and they prepare the next round. Excellent scientists fail a lot when they apply for journals. However, they are not disappointed, and they apply for other journals. If novice scientists don’t fail, they can’t become good scientists.





In the cartoons, people submit theses, but I mean to say that people submit articles. In the journal, articles change to theses when the journal accepts the articles and publishes them. However, scientists say that articles and theses are the same. They don’t say they write articles, but they say they write theses. Therefore, they don’t confuse with other articles.





It is good to apply articles for journals like machine guns. After forgetting the applied article, and then you should apply for other journals automatically. When you apply for other journals, you have to correct the content that reviewers point out, because it can go to the same reviewers even though you apply for other journals.





I really had hard time when I was an undergraduate student, so I made up my mind to teach students in their shoes if I would be a professor. But, I never kept that promise when I became one. I guess I’m not much of a promise keeper.





From the other experts’ view, scientists are very similar to children. They can’t communicate with others well, and their thoughts are very simple. However, scientists shouldn’t be ashamed. They work very hard, so they don’t know about the outside. The scientists who are lazy about their researched and know about the outside world well should be ashamed.





When the low-ranked one challenge higher-ranked one, they say that they should forget about hierarchy. It is suitable for the laboratories. For example, students who work on master’s degree can make better articles than the students who work on doctor’s degree. Ability and passion is more important than ranking. Forgetting about hierarchy doesn’t mean they want to fight with fists.





Scientists shouldn’t attend in the committee if possible. They should attend the committee that doesn’t waste time or has worth to attend. On the contrary, there are committees they shouldn’t attend which waste a lot of time and has no worth. Basically, these kinds of committees should be abolished.





There is the polarization of wealth in English conversation. People who can speak English well have more opportunity to communicate and can improve their skills. There are lots of examples to prove as the polarization of wealth. If you are on the train of poor-get-poorer, you should consider of switching to the train of rich-get-richer.





Scientists including me are lazy, so they can’t clean the room easily. For glorifying this, I say that a clean room means a clean brain. Therefore, a messy room means they work on the research very hard. Sometimes, it is true or not. Scientists know themselves well.





Other’s approval is the first step and self-approval is the second step. At first, when scientists get jobs or promotions, they check about articles (other’s approval). However, after settling the position, they check about their life-time achievement. Scientists should have good short and long term plans, so they can be approved and satisfy themselves.





Sometimes, you can fail for the presentation on a conference. There is an expedient. You can have a presentation in the university or laboratory in the city that holds the main conference. There is a place that you can have a presentation if you apply politely in advance. In the case, there is no need to have lots of audiences. Preparation for 100 audiences or preparation for 1 audience is the same.





Experienced-scientists guess that “by any chance” can be changed to “expectably”. However, they think only “by any chance”, and they don’t think “expectably”. Then they have hope and work hard. Thinking about “by any chance” only and deceiving themselves can be the basic power of science research.





At first, I thought a lot of people read my cartoon. It was my delusion, but I don’t regret. Because of the delusion, I drew cartoons happily.





Scientists’ smartness can be needed for researches, but it can be needed for using tricks like cartoons. Tricks can help happy life. Moreover, these tricks can be helpful for drawing cartoons. I think using tricks can be fine if it is not harmful.





I went a Korean restaurant in a foreign country. However, the taste was different from the taste in Korea. The taste in McDonald was the same like Korea. Therefore, when I get homesick, I go to McDonald. McDonald has the taste of home.





Golf is a good sport for socializing, and jogging is good for alone. Playing golf is good for diligent people because they have to make an exact appointment with others. Jogging is good for lazy people because they can jog alone.





I thought that questions are suffering and rude for presenters. However, I realize that no questions make presenters feel assault and rude. Without questions, presenters comfort themselves that the presentation was perfect. Simple questions should be made though.





Sometimes, worthless worry can be made. For example, should I get a short haircut or long haircut? Nobody has interested in my hair style. In the same manner, I worry in the laboratory too. For example, should I wear white gown or old gown in the laboratory? Most of the cases, it doesn’t matter.





Graduate students and scientist promised to experiment and write diligently. In order to keep the appointment, they should be busy persons. However, many of them are so busy with other things, and postpone their researches. The problem is whether they fulfill the obligation or not.





Whatever it is, it makes happy as much as agony. During the agony process of writing a thesis, the celebrating party would be happy. The happiest party for me is the party that celebrates my student who get hired as a professor. They suffer for a long time, so the party should be very exciting. Therefore, they have a party overnight.





If undergraduate students read this cartoon, they will realize that they don’t need to know scientists’ intention. However, this cartoon includes some of scientists’ intention. Therefore, after reading this cartoon, they would realize scientists’ intention ironically.





Like the last column, I gossip about my working place. If I boast about my working place, others envy me first, and they irritate finally. However, some scientists gossip their working places consistently. You choose your work, and curses come home to roost. Gossiping has to be proper.





I think the time and money for celebrating weddings is precious. Therefore, I go to the wedding whether I have to see them frequently or they are related to money. As a result, I go to wedding 4 times a year. For instead, I try not to send wedding invitations for my kids. It means that I don’t give and take. Scientists are good jobs that can forget about social life.





Articles that don’t reveal resources are irresponsible like fictions. However, articles that disclose resources are irresponsible. When you tell a nasty story, there is a friend who asks about resources. If you tell them who resources are, you are irresponsible. People who disclose resources are not qualified for a nasty story, too.





Graduate school students are confused about being equal. For example, write like this in the article. “The result of this research is different from others.” Results and researches are not equal. Results are just part of the researches. So, should write like this. “The result of this research is different from the results of other researches.” Especially, for English articles, you should write rigorously.





Articles are logical writing, and logic can be classified in tables. Therefore, tables don’t insert in articles, so tables should be made first and writing should be made later. However, lots of graduate students can’t make tables that show their experiences and thoughts. They should be trained to make well-organized tables.





There is a scientist who can’t get Nobel Prize even though he was qualified for it because he was deceased early. Nobel Prize winners take tours and have lectures all over the world, so they should be alive. Moreover, even though they got Nobel Prize in heaven, they would not be happy.





Scientists know how proofreading is tedious. It is an endless job. Nevertheless, they have to proofread hard, because articles are records not just documents. In other words, articles are left after death of scientists.





Celebrities must have some characteristics like beautiful face, excellent body shape or talents. They can’t be famous with similar characteristics with others. Scientists are the same. They have to know something what they can only do and others can’t. Usual scientists can’t be successful.





Fund and articles are related. More funds mean more articles, and more articles mean more funds. However, some laboratories have more funds relatively, and some laboratories have more articles. Students who apply for graduate schools should consider which laboratories can be helpful for them.





Scientists who like money and articles are selfish, so they get blames. However, they have to be selfish to work on their science researches. I draw cartoons, make money, and write articles. I am selfish, for I draw cartoons.





Scientists look having time from the outside of the laboratories, but they don’t have time in the laboratories. Outside of the laboratories, scientists don’t have many things to give, but scientists can be cruel to graduate students because they can give them a lot. Scientists have two-facedness.





It is another story about bait and prey. The bait is given to draw outstanding students before admission to the graduate school. But in the graduate school, the prey is given to create outstanding students. This policy seems to care about the students.





Originally, the jokes in these comics are not invented by myself, but heard from others. I rarely can make new jokes; I just mix existing jokes with science and use it for my cartoons. It's my job to fuse science with jokes.





Like cartoons, I prefer paper books than electric books. I prefer to draw lines on the paper when I study. I prefer paper cartoon books than electric cartoon books. I have no confidence to change my preference. Old habits die hard.





Keeping seats in the laboratory is not always good or bad. Sometimes you can be lazy if you sit for a long time. You can think you just kill time. Sometimes you can think of something very useful while you are sitting in the laboratory. Sitting in one place would pay for the price.





Professors shouldn’t encourage or discourage graduate students too much. If you encourage them too much, they will rebel, and they will say nothing at all if you discourage them too much. Serving professors is very difficult, but controlling students is more difficult.





Gutenberg made metal type in Mainz, Germany, and Mainz is next to Frankfurt. Frankfurt is the center of Europe and the center of commercial and trade. Thanks to that, Gutenberg’s metal type spread quickly, and initiated revolution of information. Making where is important as much as making what.





Among conferences, international conferences have huge income and expenses, and can’t figure out the size. Therefore, scientists who prepare conferences suffer from its box office hit and try to make higher income. After confirming income, expenses are determined by income.





For me, drawing cartoons is easier than writing articles. It is because writing articles is my job and drawing cartoons is my hobby. I draw easy cartoons first, then write difficult articles if I can’t draw cartoons. Therefore, the month for drawing cartoons and the month for writing articles are separated naturally.





The years which have problems with reading two digits together are from 2001 to 2009. The next one is from 3001 to 3009. If there is a problem for principles, we can be flexible, and I draw this cartoon for an example.





If peeling the sauce bag and peeling the noodle bag happen separately, there are 4 possibilities. The case of peeling a sauce bag, the case of unpeeling a sauce bag, the case of peeling a noodle bag, and the case of unpeeling a noodle bag. You should add in the condition of OR. However, two things happen together, therefore 4 possibilities are like the table in the cartoon. You should multiply in the condition of AND.





The possibility that 10 of the stones that pull out of the bag are all black or all white is 1/16. The possibility that the sum of the numbers of two dices is 2 or 12 is 1/18. Possibility is lower than you think. Gambling industry is growing because the possibility is different between calculating and sensing. In the gambling industry, customers are always lost.





This is the content of a cartoon. Mom nags to her young son. “Don’t play around. Don’t eat junk food. Don’t watch TV.” Therefore, the son rebels. “You always say “Don’t”. Then, mom says, “Study hard.”





Life expectancy is the important word in the insurance company. If life expectancy is short, he will die soon. Therefore, they raise the monthly insurance and lower the benefit. Insurance is the money that policy holder pays monthly, and benefit is the money that beneficiary gets. The relationship between life expectancy and average life span is that 0 life expectancy is an average life span.





In article, author can describe one’s misunderstanding and its solution. The trial contributes to an interesting paper. For that, it is good habit to announce one’s mistake usually. Do not be ashamed of the misinterpretation.





Drinking beer, don’t talk about religion and politics. If so, the companions will become repulsive, and there is not to spare. Correct answer is the jokes to result in pleasant memory and good friendship.





In the cartoon, I say about pros and cons from professors’ view. Pros and cons that graduate students think are reverse. That is, the pros which professors think is the cons for students, and the cons which professors think is the pros for students. Professors and students are like oil and water.