1. A Man without soul


When I was a med student, we often used the term human anatomy. Many textbooks were titled The Human Anatomy as well. However, there is no need for the word human in human anatomy. When meeting a professor of veterinary medicine, I use the term human anatomy when talking about the differences between school of medicine and school of veterinary medicine. However, there is no such need to say human anatomy in school of medicine. It is just as how there is no school of human medicine or human internal medicine. It is because in schools of medicine and hospitals, treating humans is the foundation so there is no need to attach human to such terms. It is likewise in medical science articles. If a study were conducted with lab mice as subjects the term mice would be in the title of the article, but if a study were conducted with human subjects, the term human would not be in the title. It is because conducting studies with human subjects is also the foundation of medical science research. The term anatomy, is sufficient without the term human.

Anatomy deals with normal morphology of the human body. In school of medicine, there are subjects that handle the soul such as neurology, subjects that handle abnormalities such as pathology, and subjects that handle not morphology but function such as physiology. However, the foundation needs to be learned first so it is correct to learn body over soul, normality over abnormality, and morphology over function. Therefore, medical students learn anatomy as their very first subject.


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From an anatomical perspective, a human is composed of body and soul. A soul without body is a ghost while a body without a soul is a corpse. In this regard, neither ghost nor corpse is a human being. Actually, the mention of ghost is just a joke so it wont be mentioned any further.




In med school, students earn valuable knowledge by dissecting cadavers. They handle cadavers with care and show respect to the donors who have donated their own bodies. Students dont have time to question whether the body is real or fake. There is a saying, students fear exams the most, not the cadaver.

Later, as doctors, there is a need to treat patients warmly, but there is also a need to treat patients coldly. Treating patients coldly means that doctors need to approach them in a scientific and objective way. Therefore, looking at a cadaver coldly is part of training to become a doctor.




The human body is beautiful. For example, a naked person can be an excellent raw material for artistic photographs or drawings. However, no one associates the body without the soul, the cadaver, with the word beautiful. Photos in anatomy textbooks prove this point. On the other hand, contemplating on death makes life look more beautiful and valuable. There is nothing more valuable than life.

From an anatomical perspective, a body is a human without a soul. In other words, a human consists of a body and soul.