10. Advantage having short hairs




Half of men are suffering from baldness. Can I get awarded with Nobel Prize if I invent a medicine that can perfectly cure baldness? There would be no need. I would be a billionaire, and I would be able to make a prize better than Nobel Prize. Baldness medicine is more powerful than dynamite.

Why do men suffer more from baldness than women? This is because being bald was advantageous in the past. In the past men hunted animals for living, and if one was not bald, the hair will bother him from hunting. So bald men achieved survival of the fittest, and it represented the ability of men. However now, people do not have to hunt for living, so this feature became a laughing stock.

I also suffered from baldness in my 30s. When my son pulled my white hair out, I was angry. "I can dye my hair and still use it!" In my 40s, I steeled myself, and shaved my head bald. Then I did not get angry with my son anymore. "Pull as much as you want. It will make shaving easier."


Dr. Scifun 174


When people shaving their head in a protest appear on TV, most people would be curious about the reason they shave. I instead focus on how they shave. "What do they use when shaving?" This is because I also have to shave.

After shaving my head, I found a couple of entertaining facts. First, people notice me better, so I became the mascot professor of my school. "Signs are the most noticeable, so even though I do not have much teaching talent, I should be the mascot professor." I even think about being a neon-sign professor by shaving my head even more cleanly with razors.




Secondly, after I get on a taxi and tell the driver where to go, the driver takes me home well without taking other customers. Drivers often think, Is he a gangster or a pervert? I do not want to mess with him.




Third, when my son was an elementary and middle school student, I easily made him scared. "I will go to your school and tell everyone that I am your father." "Dad, no, please. I will do whatever you say." I even recommended shaving to other parents. "If your children do not listen to you, do rock scissors papers with your partner. Both of you do not need to shave together. If your wife loses and shaves, the effect will be even greater"




Lastly, shaving adds to the fun of being an anatomist. Medical students shave cadaver's hair before dissecting. It is because no hair may go into the body as the body may get dirty. This is similar to surgeons shaving the patient's hair before going into surgery. This is a story that occurs annually with students I teach. "How short should I cut the hair of cadaver?" "Like me." During such lab sessions, I effectively utilize my head as a fine example.

There are too many men suffering from baldness. They spend much money and time to overcome it, but an easier way is eliminating the cause itself like me. If you shave, suffering changes into satisfaction.