11. Laughter in front of a cadaver





Among many people, there is always that one funny person. Among medical students, there was also a funny student. This student sometimes cracked jokes in the anatomy lab. The student said to the fellow student who is worn out after dissection, Why does one get drowsy after eating? When you eat, the stomach goes downward due to gravity and the upper eyelids go downward along with the stomach. This is because there is a ligament that attaches the upper eyelids with the stomach

At my medical school, we called this funny student the head of pleasure. If the head of comedy were for children, the head of pleasure was for adults. Therefore, the head of pleasure was therefore good at making lewd jokes as well. For the head of pleasure, the anatomy lab where serious discussions and lewd jokes coexisted was a great workplace.

The head of pleasure also tells lewd stories even to female students. However, in such instances, the head controls the level of lewdness to prevent accusations of sexual harassment. There was a female student who asked for more lewd stories. The head of pleasure does not get tempted, however. I cant be accused for sexual harassment just for your sake of enjoyment? I have a lot to lose, so dont ask for more.


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An anatomy professor hears students cracking jokes but does not stop them. It is only natural that students who spent a lot of time in the lab not only talks about studying but also crack jokes. Is it okay to crack jokes in front of cadavers in the lab? The answer is yes as long as within the range of not insulting the cadaver.


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A student who dissects should not forget gratitude to the one who has donated his or her body. However, a student should not feel sad when looking at the cadaver each time. In fact, even the family members also forget the sadness and return to their daily lives after the funeral. Therefore, the student also cant be sad through the couple of months in the lab. Likewise an anatomy professor who has to look at cadavers throughout his or her whole life cant be sad throughout his or her whole life.

The person who has donated his or her body and his or her family members all do not wish for the medical student to be sad. They instead hope for the student to become an excellent doctor. A student should not be sad in front of the cadaver but instead think about how to learn a lot from the cadaver. To learn a lot, it is important to lessen the tension as well to relieve the tension through cracking jokes. It is better to smile in the lab than to be sad.