12. Cadaver




In Arabian Night, Abracadabra is a spell to make the magic carpet fly. When I visited the Middle East, I visited carpet stores in order to see whether carpets fly or not. Then, the owner of the store told me an interesting story. "Carpets still fly these days. The spell that makes carpets fly was Abracadabra in old days, and now the spell changed to VISA. If you use your credit card, carpets get on the plane and fly to Korea. Thus, a credit card is the magic card."




To anatomists, Abracadabra is pronounced similar to cadaver. Therefore, it may be a spell to make the cadavers rise. I made a plan to use this and make this phrase be used in a movie or in a horror game. Then, thanks to realistic morphology and acting, I will earn lots of money. Then Ultimately, I will be the first anatomist to start entertainment business.





Medical students learn more from cadavers rather than from an anatomist like me. There are people who call cadaver Ca teacher, since it teaches well. Those people devoutly handle dissection tools covered with cadavers' traces. Also, they respect histology specimens that are made from parts of cadavers.




This is a story of a cadaver that woke up. At a dissecting lab, a cadaver woke up and talked to a student. "I will give you my upper limb, so dissect it and study the specimen." It was indeed a Ca teacher who encouraged and helped the students to study and experiment. Since the student was standing still, the cadaver talked again. "Then, take my head to dissect and learn." At last, the student said, "This coming exam does not cover the head." Then, the cadaver went away feeling humiliated. What student was caring about was not the cadaver that woke up, but the exam coming up.

I talked about a silly story about cadavers, but that does not mean that cadavers are carelessly treated at medical schools. We always thank the family and the person who donated, and study with effort at all times. Please have faith on medical school professors and students.