16. Pay attention to cerebrum.


Med school students are smart and it is easy for them to become arrogant and lazy. No med student who fails because he or she is stupid, there are only students who fail because they are lazy. To prevent the students from becoming lazy, I tell them that they are stupid. I would not be able to say this to a student who is really stupid. I can call students stupid or dumb as much as I want in med school.




As an anatomy instructor, I express stupid in anatomical terms. The brain is composed of cerebrum, cerebellum, and brain stem. The cerebellum assists cerebrum in giving out motor signals. In other words, we can walk and write properly thanks to the cerebellum. The brainstem is what keeps us alive. The circulation center and the respiratory center are located in the brainstem and these two are what keeps us alive. The cerebrum is what decides who is smart and who is dumb. So, when you say someone is stupid, you should mention cerebrum instead of brainstem or cerebellum. If you want to be sarcastic, make use of these four comments.

First, Your cerebrum is so clear and clean. The cerebrum consists of cerebral cortex and cerebral medulla. The cerebral cortex is the important part. The neural cells meet at the cerebral cortex and transfer signals to process senses, movements, and thoughts. If the cerebral cortex is damaged, you cant feel, move, or think. When the cerebrum is cut in half, you will see that the cortex is grey, and medulla is white. Clean cerebrum would mean that there is no grey cerebral cortex which processes thoughts. To say someones mind is clear is a good thing, but to say someones cerebrum is clear is to say someone is stupid.

Second, Your cerebrum is free of wrinkles. The human brain is larger and has much deeper wrinkles compared to brains of other animals. The protruding parts of the wrinkles are called gyrus, and the countering penetrating parts of the wrinkles are called sulcus. The terms sulcus and gyrus were originally used in farming, but weve made good use of them in cerebrum too. The wrinkles of the cerebrum somewhat resemble the wrinkles on the surface of walnuts. The cerebrum is composed of two hemispheres that are connected to one another, like walnut. Anyhow, the cerebrum has large surface area thanks to the wrinkles. In other words, extensive cerebral cortex is for processing thoughts. To say one is free of wrinkles on ones face is a positive comment, but to say ones cerebrum is free of wrinkles is a sarcastic way of saying one is stupid.

Third, You have an unused, brand new brain. If the cerebral cortex is frequently used, more stimulation flows between neuronal cells. It is the process of becoming smart and preventing dementia. There is no reason to conserve the cerebral cortex. If you dont exercise trying to conserve the heart, the heart function worsens. If you dont drink water trying to conserve the kidneys, the blood concentration of harmful substances rises. Most of the organs in our bodies need to be utilized. To have an unused, brand new luxurious bag is a good thing, but to have an unused cerebrum is a bad thing.

Fourth, Your hair is so strong. This is a sarcastic comment regardless of anatomical knowledge. It means that your hair penetrated through your thick head, just like the teeth that penetrates through maxilla and mandible. To say one has strong muscles is a complement, but to say one has strong hair is a sarcastic comment.