23. Dissection room


When I saw a comedy movie before, a torture chamber came out, and there was a saying, No pain, no gain. This suits the torture chamber perfectly. There are sayings that suit the dissection room, and these also fit tourist attractions. This is because dissection is similar to traveling.



Dr. Anatophil 755.BMPDr. Anatophil 755.BMP


First: Live from day to day. The most significant practice for medical students is the practice on patients in hospital. Then, the practice on cadavers in dissection room follows. Clinical medicine does practice after lectures altogether, but in anatomy, we do lecture and practice alternately. If we take lectures on Monday, we practice on Tuesday. When we have lecture in Wednesday, we practice on Thursday. Students have to memorize the lecture as they are taking it so that they can dissect properly at the following day. If clinical medicine practice is lasting a year with annual income, anatomy is living from day to day.

This is similar when traveling. Not many people study much before traveling and usually spend a single day to study about the places they are going. Then, they can timely and accurately find places that they planned to go. This is like living from day to day.




Second: To not believe when you cannot see it. Pictures in the book and structures that you see when actually dissecting are obviously different. An anatomy book cannot show all the modifications per each human being. Also, the book may be wrong. Anatomist even research to correct the wrong parts within books. Rather than believing in books, you should believe in what you actually see.

Also, when traveling, the book may be wrong, or the book maybe too old and the place may have changed. It is fun to find wrong parts within the book. For example, one can have fun finding out how prices of certain area changed. You should believe what you actually see. If you want to believe in books, you should not travel to far places, and rather go to churches and temples that are close by.



Dr. Anatophil 756.BMPDr. Anatophil 756.BMP


Third: There is no tomorrow. You can see anatomy books anywhere, anytime, but that is not the case for cadavers. Doctors of certain areas such as orthopedic surgery seldom come to dissection room to dissect, and this process is very inconvenient as there is no guarantee that doctors must do it. So, if you graduate from medical school and do not major in anatomy, it is almost 100% that the dissection you perform when you are a student is the last dissection. You should dissect thinking that there is no tomorrow.

It is also similar when traveling. People are not desperate when traveling within their home country, because there is always next time. However, it is not the case when traveling on foreign nations. This is because it is harder to visit again in the future. Being diligent is what you can enjoy while traveling.




Fourth: If you can't avoid it, enjoy it! Dissection practice uses both physical and mental abilities so it is strenuous and boring. However you must do it. If you cannot avoid it, then you should enjoy it. You wanted to join medical school, didn't you?

When traveling, everything such as eating, sleeping, wearing are all uncomfortable compared to staying home. You may even feel, Why am I suffering using my own time and money? However, you should enjoy it. You wanted it, didn't you?

Just now, I talked about how dissection practice and traveling are similar. I expect readers to do the same for what each of you do. Then you might confuse yourself with working and traveling, and this may make your work a little happier. Play like how you work, and work like how you play.