24. Logic please.


Anatomy labs are noisy as students continuously chat. The topics are how they did their dissections, what structures they have found, and so on. Logic is important when they communicate. Speaking without logic slows down dissection and studying. This makes it hard to absorb the vast amount of information released in classes.

Insanely fast course progress is a characteristic of med schools. The reason why studying in med school is hard is due to the extent of knowledge, not the depth of knowledge. Once you graduate and become a resident, you only have to know about your specialty and you study in depth. But before you graduate, you have to know at least little bits about all 26 clinical departments. This is why you need to study broad and shallow. It is common to see a med school professor come to class and show over 100 slides about all kinds of diseases in 50 minutes. Logic becomes important when studying broad and shallow like this. Both instructors and students must speak with logic.

If you get used to speaking with logic, you can make good use of it not only to your fellow doctors but also to your patients. Patients will follow a doctor who speaks with logic. Also, logic is useful when it comes to writing research papers or journals. It also comes in handy when you aim to make some profit by posting articles on newspapers, like me.

Likewise, logic is a good tool. But swindlers make use of it in bad ways. As a doctor, one could deceive a patient and harm the patient. This is why a med student must learn ethics along with logics. In other words, logic is a necessary condition not a sufficient condition. Students also learn about ethics in anatomy labs, but we will discuss that later.

In the army, you are trained in a training camp first, and in a med school, you are trained in an anatomy lab first. A training camp doesn't simply teach you how to fight, it teaches you what is required as a soldier. Likewise, an anatomy lab doesn't simply teach you anatomy, it teaches you what is required as a doctor. One of the requirements is a well-organized logic.