35. Anatomy and physiology



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Medical schools teach physiology after anatomy, but lots of nursing schools and college of public health teach those two subjects together. In this part, I will talk about how anatomy is different from physiology. Then, it will be clearer on what is taught in anatomy. To say in another words, When I talk to foreigners I talk about how Korea, Japan, and China are different. Then it becomes clear for them to classify each nation.


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If anatomy is a subject that teaches human body's morphology, physiology teaches human body's functions. In a body, morphology may determine function, or function may determine morphology. This is just like how morphology and function are related in a car. Anatomy and physiology was a single subject in the past, and during the development of medical school, they were divided. It cannot be hooked into one anymore, but it is right to talk about physiology in an anatomy class, and to talk about anatomy in a physiology class.


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In a hospital, surgery is the department that mainly deals with the patient body's morphology. Anatomy is mainly used when surgeons decide on which surgery to perform. On the other hand, internal medicine is the department that mainly deals with function. Physiology is the main consideration when physicians decide on which medicine they will prescribe to their patients. Then in medical school, would a student with high anatomy scores go to surgery and a student with high physiology scores go to internal medicine? This is not true. Students with high scores go to the department that requires less work and pays more. Medical students are not pure as people expect.




When I was a medical student, we practiced on cadavers in an anatomy course, and practiced on live patients in a physiology course. What I mean by live patients are students themselves, and this is because we were not able to practice on other people. For example, I ran and measured the rise of my blood pressure. I did not want to run this test and instead just wrote a fake blood pressure. My fellow student who saw this scolded me. "The fake result prevents our learning." I said, "I have to make a result similar to its theory, so it helps me study the theory part." I regret those days. I now say that students should not forge results. Physiologists may be angry when reading this. "To tell the students a cause to do so then telling them not to do it is meaningless."