38. Do not have to be envious


Many Koreans envy Caucasians, saying that Caucasians are tall and good looking. The point of this writing is that you do not have to be envious of them.


Dr. Scifun 164


The reason why Caucasians are tall is because their ancestors lived in the cold for a long period of time. You can find this out by seeing that Northern Europeans are taller than Southern Europeans. Why is that? Let's say human body is a ball (radius r). The heat production of human body is proportional to volume(4/3r), and heat release is proportional to surface(4r). Heat efficiency is 1/3r, which is heat production divided by heat release. Therefore, with higher height(r), heat efficiency increases, and one can withstand the cold better. This is the reason why Caucasians are taller. However nowadays, where heating system is well developed, there is no need to be tall. Tall people eat more needlessly.

Taller people have advantages when playing sports, so Caucasians win lots of gold. Koreans are comparatively short, but are sure-handed. Therefore, Koreans have an advantage when making things like electronics, and vehicles, thus earn more money. Isn't earning more money better than winning lots of gold medals? Therefore rather that Koreans envying the height of Caucasians, Caucasians should be envious of Korean's sure-handedness. Even among Koreans, they envy the taller ones. There are not many jobs that earn more money due to being taller. Envying taller people is like envying giraffes. Envying with no purpose is losing.

Also, Koreans often get envious of good-looking Caucasians who come out on movies. This is a total misunderstanding. This is similar to Caucasians misunderstanding Korea by watching Korean movies. Actors, regardless of their nationality, are all good looking.

There were times for me also when I thought all Caucasians were good-looking. This was not because of natural science, but it was due to humanities and social sciences. Princes and princesses from fairy tales that I saw when I was a child were all Caucasians, so I subconsciously thought that in order to be good-looking, people must look like Caucasians. This is because Caucasian ancestors ruled the world at old times, spreading their cultures all around the world. If Koreans ruled the world, the situation would have been changed. People would think characters in Korean fairy tales are good-looking, so Caucasians would have tried to look like Koreans.

I had a chance to see Caucasian women closely in America, and they did not look like princesses in fairy tales. There were lots of freckles on the skin due to sunlight, and their arms were comparatively hairy. This is because their ancestors lived a long period of time at place which is cold, and without sunlight. I realized that Caucasian women are prettier when seen from a distance, and if you look closely, Korean women are more beautiful. It is not right to say certain race or certain ethnic groups are good-looking.

I joked in America that I am very good-looking and people actually took it seriously. They were fooled because the standards that decide whether a person is good-looking or not are all different per each race. However in Korea, all people belong to a same ethnic group, so the standards are clear. Looking like Caucasians is considered as good-looking. For example, the nose should be sharp like Caucasians. The reason why Caucasians' noses are sharp is also because their ancestors lived at cold places. At cold places, people had to make warm the air breathe in, thus nose became long and sharp. People evolve following the environment.

Koreans are too into cosmetic surgeries. In an anatomist's view, this is a very meaningless action. There is no such thing in anatomy book about which appearance is good-looking or not. It is not right to think that looking like Caucasians is good-looking. Meaninglessly envying others is losing.