40. Time to work or to rest


To a person who makes income from reading books, exercise is resting. To a person who makes income from physical activities, reading is resting. Like so, activities during work and rest are different. In other words, job and hobby are different.

In med school, there are clinical medicine professor and basic medicine professor. Clinical medicine professors give medical treatment, carry out research, and educate students. Their main job is to treat patients. In comparison, basic medicine professors carry out research, and educate students. Their main job is to do research. The main source of income for med school comes from treating patients, and therefore, there are 10 times more clinical medicine professors than basic medicine professors.




Clinical medicine professors, thus, the doctors, meet many patients in the hospital associated with the med school. A doctor may meet up to 100 patients in one morning, and unfortunate situations occur. The patient wants to say a word more, and the doctor tries to say a word less. Its unfortunate for both. When a doctor meets too many patients, he seeks for time for his own. Some doctors go on a trip alone on weekends, abandoning their family.


Dr. Scifun 168


Basic medicine professors rarely meet people in med school. A professor may spend all day alone in lab writing papers. A professor may also be alone for a week or may spend time to think alone quietly and eat meals alone. I even have an anti-social behavior of muting my cellphone and corded telephone in order to focus when I work. When a basic medicine professor takes break from work, he wants to meet people. When he does meet people, he goes on an endless talk. As I expected, job and hobby are different.

When a doctor goes on a break, he or she is desperate to get away from the hospital. For example, a doctor feels uncomfortable when his or her patient recognizes him or her in a restaurant near the hospital. Furthermore, it is even more awkward when a patient comes by and says he or she was disappointed last time we met in the hospital. This is why a doctor avoids his or her patients when he or she goes on a break. In the case of a basic medicine professor, the doctor tries to avoid the students when he or she is on a break. Gladly, the students also try to avoid a nasty basic medicine professor like me. Like I said, working and resting are different.




Whats special about a basic medicine professor is that he or she faces corpses. The professor spends much more time with cadavers than with his or her students. There are times when professors get together within a lab but an anatomy professor spends most of his or her time dissecting cadavers alone. An anatomy professor deals with cadaver during his or her work time, so he or she must spend time with living human beings during the break time. This is in accordance with the topic of this chapter.

I once said, I feel delicacy when I dissect a cadaver. This is because a human body is very well made. I feel happy when I meet a living man. This is because a mans life is the most exciting adventure. When you face death, you learn how valuable life is.

As I end this chapter, I suggest to my readers to do this. When you meet a person, ask his or her job as well as hobby. Then, ask the difference between that persons work time and break time. Then, you can figure out what he or she really does for work, and what the person thinks about when he or she works. This is because usually ones job and ones hobby are exactly the opposite.