41. Hanging out with coworkers


There are nations where one medical school is present per million people. Korea, similarly, has 41 medical schools per 50 million people. This is a story about anatomists at 41 medical schools.

What can only be seen at 41 medical schools? It is not the affiliated hospital which is managed by clinical medicine doctors. Affiliated hospitals are similar to other hospitals, except for the big size. It is also not the practicing rooms and labs of physiology, biochemistry, microbiology, and pharmacology. These practicing rooms and labs are similar to those in medicine schools and natural science schools. What is most interesting of medical schools is the dissection room. This is also present at dental school and Oriental medical school, but these are few in numbers and are closely related to dissection rooms of medical school so I will skip these.


536Dr. Anatophil 536.BMP


Anatomist is the one in charge of the interesting dissection room, so people you can see only in medical school are anatomists. There are only 150 anatomists in 41 medical schools. This is not a big number, so we all know each other. When clinical medicine or other basic medical scientists go to conferences, they meet scientists who are not in medical schools. However, when anatomists go to conferences, we almost always meet anatomists who are in medical school. Therefore, anatomists think themselves as partners and can easily become friends.


536Dr. Anatophil 536.BMP


Anatomists visit among themselves often. Medical schools located with affiliated hospitals are placed on every big city and are also located at the downtown area. So it is easy to visit each other, and easy to go to restaurants or bars. Of course, we treat each other well.




When anatomists meet, they enjoy unusual stories. For example, we spread wrong anatomy knowledge. "The reason why right kidney is located below left kidney is because there is one more letter in right compared to left. If one has more letters, one should be heavier." The actual reason is because the liver presses down, but anatomists do not have to say these kinds of things among themselves, so it is convenient.




When anatomists go to an international conference, they meet anatomists of other nations, and by similar reasons they get along easily. They talk like anatomists as well, for example when eating delicious foods, they use anatomy words. "Welcome to my stomach."




Anatomists mix jokes and anatomy knowledge appropriately. "After the end of the movie, people from the movie theater exit altogether. If we go into that group and walk backwards, we can enter the theater for free. Also if you walk backwards, gluteus maximus contracts, so our back appearance gets better." This is only a joke. There is no anatomist who wants to enter theater for free.




Anatomists cannot play all the time they meet, so they discuss about common interests, and that is education. Researches of anatomists have no boundaries so it differs per each person, and there are cases when anatomists do not understand each other. However, the task of education by anatomists is all similar. They teach same anatomy, and the amount of time and content is massive. So it is beneficial to talk about the lectures, practices, and exams each anatomists give when met. In real life, at anatomy conferences all around the world, education takes a big part. Education can be seen as a link that holds anatomists together.

Even if a discussion is very valuable, if it is boring, it is uncomfortable. Like I said, Anatomists should play well to meet each other more often, and they should meet in order to conduct beneficial discussions. When anatomists are competing against each other and when conducting thesis examination, the atmosphere is brutal. However I still feel comfortable when meeting other anatomists, because we consider ourselves as partners, and thus am considerate. In other fields, if you meet with partners you will be comfortable. It is a blessing to have considerate partners.