42. Visible Korean


Dissection is a hard work. From receiving cadaver donation to cadaver cremation, tons of effort and money are spent. Only selected people can dissect cadavers, and even medical students cannot dissect anywhere, anytime they want. Also a cadaver that is dissected cannot be used again.



Dr. Anatophil 768.BMPDr. Anatophil 768.BMP


To overcome these hardships is to virtually dissect using computers. For proper virtual dissection, 3D image of human body is needed. Then, it is able to pick and see each structure again and again. The first way to make 3D image is drawing human body in three dimensions. Of course, a person who knows well about anatomy has to draw it on computer. The second way is to serial section the human body to 2D image, and then stack 2D images to make 3D images. If conducting serial section to human body is differentiation, stacking 2D images is integral calculus. Also, when first way is like art, the second way is like science and presents the human body well.

In the hospital, they cannot conduct serial section on a patient so they make 2D image in different ways, and those are CTs and MRIs. In dissection room, you can conduct serial section on a cadaver and make 2D images, and this is sectioned images. Sectioned images show actual colors of the human body and have high resolution unlike CTs and MRIs, so it can restructure even the smallest structures to 3D images.


769Dr. Anatophil 769.BMP


Countries that make sectioned images of whole cadaver body are United States, China, and Korea. The person in charge in Korea is me, and from the year 2000 I made sectioned images of male and female. For this, I completely froze cadavers, grinded it with the width of 0.2 mm, and took pictures of sectioned surface with digital cameras whenever I finished grinding each part. I pulverized the cadaver, and all the parts were gathered and cremated. This is a very unpleasant act, but cremating the cadaver and burying cadaver on the ground for microorganisms to nibble it are unpleasant in a same way. I sincerely appreciate the people who donated their body for education and development of medical science.


769Dr. Anatophil 769.BMP


Each structure has to be found in sectioned images and the borders of each have to be hand-drawn to make segmented images in order to restructure each structure to 3D images. It took me 4 months to make sectioned images of the whole body, and it took me 8 years to make segmented images. For segmented images, high-quality manpower who knows anatomy had to do physical works. I consider sectioned images as children that I gave birth to, and consider segmented images as grown up children. It means it is hard to give birth to children, but it is even harder to raise children. At last, thanks to sectioned images and segmented images, I restructured hundreds of structures to 3D images. I call all of this Visible Korean images.


769Dr. Anatophil 769.BMP


Visible Korean images are superior to those of United State and China, and were acknowledged by over 20 international academic journals. In American companies, when making commercial virtual dissection tables, they use Visible Korean image, not the one made in America or China.


770Dr. Anatophil 770.BMP Dr. Anatophil 770.BMP


There is also noncommercial version of it. I posted Visible Korean images on homepage (anatomy.co.kr) for people to download it for free. If you download browsing software and install it, you can see the sectioned images and segmented images as much as you want. By downloading PDF file version, you can see 3D images as much as you want. I will make more Visible Korean images and I will allow more images to be downloaded on homepage for education for free.


770Dr. Anatophil 770.BMP


Virtual dissection using Visible Korean images cannot completely replace the actual dissection that medical students do, but it can aid them, and it is also suitable for people who cannot conduct actual dissection. I wish all people to be familiar with anatomy by conducting virtual dissection and seeing anatomy comics in my homepage.