43. Anatomy comics


In the stores that I published, I tried to let people know about anatomy jokes and anatomical knowledge. If I had to pick one, I would choose anatomy jokes. This is because if readers enjoy the jokes, anatomy knowledge will follow along. On top of that, there will be people who will study more about anatomy in order to enjoy those jokes even more. To enjoy is to learn, and eventually to win.




I mix the jokes and knowledge adequately in the writings, and examples are as follows. I set anatomy questions to medical students and grade it. This is a simple mental labor, so I do not want to do it, and I dream about it. When students study for the test, neurotransmitters are secreted from cerebrum, and a part of the neurotransmitter goes out to the brain spinal cord fluids, which are located near brain and spinal cord. If I stick a needle on a students waist, I can take the brain spinal cord fluids, and if I analyze the neurotransmitter in brain spinal cord fluid, I can find out how much each student has studied. If medical science develops, I will achieve this goal, and I do not have to give and grade tests. Students may feel pain due to the needle, but that is none of my concern. I am not a professor who should be respected.

I wanted to spread anatomy jokes and knowledge before I started publishing, so I drew hundreds of anatomy comics. The title of the comics is Dr. Anatophil, and this means Doctor who loves anatomy, which is me. As you can see, I draw like as if I am scribbling. I keep drawing thinking that the important thing in comics is the content, not the picture.

If you want to see anatomy comics, you go to the homepage (anatomy.co.kr). But you may be disappointed as the comics is for adults and is not suitable for children. In addition, it is originally for medical students, so it is a bit hard for normal people to understand.


771Dr. Anatophil 771.BMP


These comics are free on the homepage, and you do not even have to register. The reason why I spread this out is because I like bragging. I am a settled person who gets paid regularly. Therefore, I prefer bragging and spreading comics for free rather than earning profits with comics.

I am publishing science comic Dr. Scifun serially on newspaper homepage, and this is also English translated. At last I will be a famous star like singer Psy. I know my expectations will turn into failure, but I am happy that I am challenging myself.

I wish specialists on other fields would spread their knowledge and jokes by drawing cartoons. Even a person like me who does not have drawing skills still draw, so there is no need to be scared. People who see the cartoon will enjoy the jokes of that certain field, and by gaining knowledge, may wish to learn more. This type of talent donation is talent bragging. Specialists should know how to deal with jokes of one's field.