Contents of of Dr. Anatophils Essay

1. A Man without soul
2. Becoming a devil
3. Do not lose the bones!
4. The head bone is school.
5. Vertebra story
6. Leading nation in body donation
7. Fixation instead of toast
8. Fart safe zone
9. Plastination
10. Advantage having short hairs
11. Laughter in front of a cadaver
12. Cadaver
13. Do not look down on stroma.
14. We are not cannibals.
15. The evolution of hand
16. Pay attention to cerebrum.
17. Taking out the brain and the heart
18. Larynx is a musical instrument.
19. Smoking and lung
20. The couples, arteries and veins
21. Dont underestimate
22. One can see as much as one knows.
23. Dissection room
24. Logic please.
25. The Right, the Left, they are both right.
26. The pen is mightier than the sword.
27. English is not as important as source of income.
28. Still memorize human names and numbers?
29. Memorize, memorize, memorize
30. It is okay to be ugly.
31. Tag exam
32. The worst nightmare
33. Surface anatomy
34. Doctors license in a cabinet
35. Anatomy and physiology
36. Anatomy is a living subject.
37. In order to distinguish
38. Do not have to be envious
39. Fossil inside the body
40. Time to work or to rest
41. Hanging out with coworkers
42. Visible Korean
43. Anatomy comics




Since graduating from College of Medicine, Yonsei University in 1987, Ive been teaching anatomy at Yonsei and Ajou Universities. As I was teaching med students, I also wanted to introduce the subject to the general public because itd help people learn about their bodies and protect their health. I also wanted to introduce the real lives of medical professors and students, thereby gratifying peoples curiosity about our lives. For these reasons, Ive been consistently publishing anatomy learning comics (Anna and Tommy) and anatomy comic strips (Dr. Anatophil) and uploaded them on the website, as well.

In 2013, I was asked to write for a newly created section in the Saturday edition of the newspaper named Hankyoreh. My responsibility was to translate my comic strips into a newspaper column once every two weeks. Thankfully, it received positive reviews among subscribers and I was able to publish 29 articles from June, 2013 to August, 2014.




Unlike my four-frame comic strips, I was able to extend my thoughts in writing. I chose different topics for every episode, and tried to tell stories about each topic to help readers have a better grasp of the subject. Instead of boring the readers with mediocre stories, I tried to apply exciting situations so that they can enjoy reading about the topic.

As I regularly published my writing for the newspaper, I decided to publish a book someday. Fortunately, Gimmyoung Publishers was interested in my work and I was able to realize my dream. This book includes 43 writings including the ones that were unpublished on the newspaper. On the Hankyoreh column, I wasnt able to insert comic strips due to the lack of space; however, I added to comics in this book as well. Readers would see the comics first and be able to quickly understand what the subject is. They will then choose what they are interested in and read the corresponding writings below the comics. Id be very happy to see this book help people learn about anatomy and life in medical school.

Drawing comics require a lot of work. I wouldnt have done it without help from my colleagues: Yoon Ik HWANG, Hae Gwon JANG, Ga Eun LEE, Beom Sun CHUNG, and the students from Ajou University School of Medicine and Nursing. I sincerely appreciate their hard work.


March, 2016

Min Suk CHUNG, MD, PhD