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1. Names of the cranial nerves, spinal nerves, vertebrae, and ribs are written in following abbreviations.


I     = Olfactory nerve

II    = Optic nerve

III   = Oculomotor nerve

IV   = Trochlear nerve

V    = Trigeminal nerve

V1  = Ophthalmic nerve

V2  = Maxillary nerve

V3  = Mandibular nerve

VI   = Abducens nerve

VII  = Facial nerve

VIII = Vestibulocochlear nerve

IX   = Glossopharyngeal nerve

X    = Vagus nerve

XI   = Accessory nerve

XII  = Hypoglossal nerve

CN1 = 1st cervical nerve

TN1  = 1st thoracic nerve

LN1  = 1st lumbar nerve

SN1  = 1st sacral nerve

CV1  = 1st cervical vertebra

TV1  = 1st thoracic vertebra

LV1   = 1st lumbar vertebra

SV1  = 1st sacral vertebra

R1    = 1st rib


2. For orientations of illustrations, head figures are utilized as shown below. In the case of bilateral structures, right side is depicted in most all cases.



=  Anterior view or coronal plane


=  Posterior view or coronal plane


=  Inferior view or horizontal plane


=  Superior view or horizontal plane


=  Right view or sagittal plane

Fig. 0-11.BMP

=  Anterosuperior view


=  Anterior right view